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About Me

My name is Monish Kapadia and I'm the one behind HiddenWonderz.

Since you are here, I'm predicting that you would want to know a little about me, huh? Well I'm not at all good at talking about myself but would try to give a quick overview of who I am..

I have done my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from D.J.Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai. I love learning and working on technologies. Some of my hobbies include coding, playing games like cricket, carrom, table tennis and more...
Always ready for going on a trip with friends.

The whole idea behind hiddenwonderz is that every time we plan a trip, there is always a chaos about which place to go and will it be worth it? So, here you can not only have a great idea about your next trip, but can also share your experience. I believe that one day instead of Googling for some intersting place, you would visit HiddenWonderz and this one-stop platform would suffice your "Location searching needs".

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